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Restaurant eCommerce is on the Rise

Updated: May 15, 2020

The number of people ordering Food and Drink online is on the rise. In fact, Food and Drink was the fastest growing eCommerce category in April with sales up 485% vs. last year (LY)*. According to IRP Commerce, the average conversion rate in the Food & Drink ecommerce market increased by 178% April'20 vs. LY. And, while conversions are rising, the average cost per acquisition (CPA), is on the decline (-53% in April '20 compared to LY).

What does that mean?

It means that people are finding new ways to experience the restaurants they love in this COVID-19 world. And, luckily, it is costing less to do it. Now, is the time to start testing new ways to reach your customers. Here are 5 ways that work:

1. Email - Be sure to let your loyal customers know that you are open for business and where to find you. Time emails so that they aren't intrusive and allow you to stay top-of-mind. The best emails provide value and are delivered to the right customers at the right time.

2. Organic Social Media - There's nothing like a video of warm parmesan oozing out of a large parmesan wheel to make you want to order. Continually post images and videos on your social accounts to bring to life some of the sensations that people are missing from in-restaurant dining.

3. Paid Social Media - Reach new customers and get more followers with paid ads on social channels. Use your email list to create lookalike audiences and play with timing so that the ads are delivered when people are getting hungry.

4. Direct Mail - This tactic has worked for pizza delivery companies for years. Be sure to add a promotional offer to be competitive and incentivize trial.

5. Search Ads - Make sure you are found! Use keywords that are both branded and descriptive.

There's a market for Food and Drink delivery and eCommerce. Now is the time to be creative and capture it!

*Source: IRP Commerce

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